Seminar Series






















Research Paper


Session One:
Introduction to the course, course requirements, course procedures. and final papers







Overview of the course
Discussion of the Final Paper              
Classroom Presentations
Communication and the Culture of Modernity

Course Textbook

Two, Three,

Discussion on Part One
Cultural Values, business culture, concepts of national culture, regional culture, and global culture, Taoist and Buddhist cultures, Chinese cultures (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and PRC), the basis of American culture

Jandt, Part 1, pages 1-98

Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Discussion of Language, dialects, Creole and Pidgin languages, cultural change, language change, languages in different cultural contexts (Africa, Korea, Mexico, Egypt, New Zealand, and the US)

Jandt, Part 2, Pages 99-202

Nine, Ten, Eleven

Language identity, ethnography, gender differences, acculturation, border conflicts over language and culture, the internet as expressive space, Nike and the Black community, Japanese interpersonal communication, and face-saving in China.

Jandt, Part 3, pages 203-304

Twelve, Thirteen

Living together in peace, intercultural rhetoric, intercultural philosophy, gender rights, conflict mediation, Islamic mediation techniques, and interethnic negotiations.

Jandt, Part 4, pages 305-384

Fourteen, and Fifteen

Colinization and globalization, consumerism, intercultural communication, universities and globalization, intercultural communication, and terrorism.

Jandt, Part 5. pages 385-446


Final Paper
12 pages, single-spaced, use MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual of Style,
Deposit paper on Black Board (our course management system, CMS)

Due on Reading Day before the Finals